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Hey check it out - rehauling everything, adding new stuff everyday.  

IT'S FINALLY TIME.  You've been asking me to sell you things.  And I've been saying yeah, well, maybe, I could, but, no time.  Well now, it really is time.  I have time.  I have time, for you.


We've gotta get into a rhythm, so here's how it's gonna go down. 

I'm gonna take a limited number of commissions.  They will be for real objects.


Your choices are figurine-esque sculptures (up to 10x10x10") or posable puppets (8" tall).


Tiny pieces (up to 3") are only $35!  This can be a severed head, a pendant, etc.

Small sculptures (up to 5") start at $60.  Examples include Knelt and Baby Bird. 

Knelt by edelias  Dead Baby Bird by edelias

Medium sculptures (5-8") start at $100.  Examples include Fleabitten, Deerchk, Titty Kitty, and Pikatrap.

Fleabitten by edeliasdeerchk by edelias

Titty Kitty -momma- by edeliasPikatrap by edelias

Large sculptures (8-10") start at $150.  Examples include Silver Point, Growing Pains, and Wolf Fight.

Silver Point by edelias

Growing Pains by edelias

Wolf Fight-exclamationpt- 2009 by edelias

Posable puppets will be a flat $200, including one outfit.


Sully the Persian Cat Puppet by edelias wind-up slaughter by edelias

This price includes one relatively traditional character or creature in any pose of your choice.

Allover texture (fur, guts, whatever) is an extra $10 per size.


Depending on the complexity of the piece you are interested in, you may receive a personal quote.  Each order will be completed and shipped within ONE WEEK.  That's customer service!


Why are these prices SO GOOD?  Because I'm moving across the country to become a tattoo artist.  And suddenly I need to raise a lot of money.  And I'm not gonna do it with a day job.  So let's get this thing going.  LET ME MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.  Make mine come true too.



Hey guys I've been working on an experimental fashion show with Kali Puder ( ) for over a year and together we've produced 25 looks as part of the event R.I.P. V.I.P.  

The show just took place this past weekend and it was such a great experience.  You may view the looks and a video of the show online now at my website:

Check it out!
it's dot com time

check out the new updates, get ready for some big news, and stay tuned for some merch

free free to follow me on instagram - free orgy -

you can see many more of the things i am working on, plus my dog and cat…
some kind of long overdue and not quite to par update, check it out if you're into that

mostly i will probably just post whatever i think is the most stupid + sometimes art

nsfw, but only a little

I have time!

Get at me before I'm swamped in work again!

I'm opening commissions for drawings, paintings, figurines, sculpture, whatever you want me to do for you.
Fast turnaround, affordable prices, varies based on size/complexity.

Send me an e-mail at with your proposal and we'll discuss details.  :)

Tell yr friends!

i am at school

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 1, 2010, 9:30 AM
what this means if you are at mica: say hello to me

what this means if you are not: there should be new waves of production for uploading, stay tuned

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Journal Entry: Fri Aug 20, 2010, 6:02 PM
i have made a new shirt design which is for voting


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hi guys

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 9, 2010, 9:44 PM
thanks a bunch for the dd
was definitely not expecting it
i am going to make more art real soon it is there on the tip of my tongue
i will accept a few sculptural commissions if you are interested e-mail me at

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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 10, 2010, 9:51 PM

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i know i hear those crickets chirruping too

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 2, 2009, 11:06 PM
I promise I haven't vanished yet.  Simply, everything is big and is a work in progress for very long now.  Finals are coming up so expect some heavy updates in a few weeks.  

I welcome the extra challenge though - if you'd like to order any small work, to have it delivered by x-mas the deadline is DEC 10, to not care when it is delivered, of course you may contact me anytime.  Send it to -

Have a happy everything!

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check it
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hi i am at mica and it is great

check my scrapbook if you want to see what i've been doing in my classes
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School (MICA) starts soon.  So soon.

I can't wait to decorate my room and grocery shop.
Ughh I'm so poor.

If you want to help out with that, I will gladly sell you any of my art for very reasonable prices.

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Yesterday we had our opening at the Smithsonian National Gallery of Art in DC, this is the biggest name for me fo sho.
A man tried to convince me to convert to hunting, and the curator of the Met stopped by, that was cool.  

If you are visiting DC anytime during the next month, stop by and check it out!  It is very nicely put together with very nice glass and very nice board and very nice everything, thank you Smithsonian, thank you President, you blow my mind.  

I am here for the Presidential Scholars' week at the moment, and it is neat, and today we are in USA Today, so get a copy of that and look up my picture,  I haven't seen it yet, but the idea is swell.
Sorry its been quiet around here kids, I'm arted out since they started telling me I was good.  
Now I can't live up to that name, so I'm wasting my life instead.  
I'll get this straight, I promise.  

If you wanna help me get a move on, I can do commissions or, well, anything you want.  
Note me if yer into that idea.
Drumroll, please.  I now present to you my newest, my best shirt designs up for voting at DBH!  Seriously, if you can spare even just a second, please pop over (sign up if you haven't done so, it's free and only takes a second) and hit me up with a vote.  YOU CAN MAKE OR BREAK THIS, and, in turn, make or break me.  Thank you so much for your awesomenity.  :)

<voteee>  <voteeeeee2>

In other news, I'm going to MICA for the next four years of my life, it is official.  And, I have just received word that I am yes, in fact, a PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLAR.  Hellooo Mr. O.

I can't remember anything else that is happening in my life, so that is the whole summary for today.  Briefs, mm.
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I give up on Threadless, I'm going to try Design by Humans again.  They liked me before.  Can I get you guys' help with this one?  I have a much more realistic shot at winning there...…

[Okay, so other stuff, I guess, is this:

Got home from NYC a couple days ago for the YoungARTS gold and silver winners' week.  It was really great: had a show at Affirmation Arts, worked with Tim Rollins, met Baryshnikov, did a lot of sneaking and a lot of laughing.

Mm, and, it's almost final that I'm going to MICA next year, unless SVA or SFAI suddenly raise the bar of 'maximum scholarship.' Which is okay! I will like that, I think.

Now it is Spring Break.  

I'm getting a tattoo.  If anyone wants to draw me tattoo designs, I will like that.  Maybe if they are really cool, I will even get them.  Teehee.]
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